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Coping Conversations

"Coping Conversations” is a popular 15-minute radio show, hosted by internationally renowned psychologist, Dr. Bob Phillips, which has been aired on radio stations and as a nationally available audio-streamed program since 1991.

 On each show, Dr. Phillips interviews a well-known celebrity or expert, bringing the listening audience up to date on current appearances, performances, publications and other activities of interest.

 As the main focus, our listeners are always fascinated to hear about our guest’s interesting life experiences and successful coping experiences, hence the name "Coping Conversations"! The show invariably is positive, upbeat, and fascinating.

Host Dr. Bob Phillips is also the author of more than 35 best-selling books, and the founder and director of the Center for Coping ( on Long Island, New York.

Jul 29, 2021

My guest starred as Ted Striker in the popular movie comedy “Airplane!”. We discuss how much he enjoyed this life-altering film, how it shaped the rest of his career, how a body-surfing accident in Hawaii almost killed him, and much more.


Jul 22, 2021

My guest is far more than a ditzy blonde. She’s been a recurring actress on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and has performed in numerous television shows and movies. We discuss the dangers of being typecast, how she has enjoyed doing voice-overs, and much more.

Jul 15, 2021

My guest is a well-respected voice actor, known for Porky Pig, Tweety, and many more. We discussed his passion for doing voices, how he was able to connect with Mel Blanc when he was 14 years old, how he developed this into a career, and much more.

Jul 8, 2021

My guest has been the bailiff on the Judge Judy Show for its entire 25-year run. We discuss his career as a court officer, how he dealt with difficult situations on the show, how he learned to deal with being so recognizable, and much more.

Jul 1, 2021

My guest has a long and varied show business career, and he comes from a show business family. We discuss his career, how humor is such an important coping strategy, and much more.