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Coping Conversations

"Coping Conversations” is a popular 15-minute radio show, hosted by internationally renowned psychologist, Dr. Bob Phillips, which has been aired on radio stations and as a nationally available audio-streamed program since 1991.

 On each show, Dr. Phillips interviews a well-known celebrity or expert, bringing the listening audience up to date on current appearances, performances, publications and other activities of interest.

 As the main focus, our listeners are always fascinated to hear about our guest’s interesting life experiences and successful coping experiences, hence the name "Coping Conversations"! The show invariably is positive, upbeat, and fascinating.

Host Dr. Bob Phillips is also the author of more than 35 best-selling books, and the founder and director of the Center for Coping ( on Long Island, New York.

Jul 11, 2024

My guest has taken the concept of being a Beatles fan to a whole new entrepreneurial level. We discuss his passion for the Beatles, Monkees, and Turtles, how he’s turned this into popular income-producing activities, and much more.


Jul 4, 2024

My guest is an actress and singer who is perhaps best known for playing Bobby Ewing’s secretary on “Dallas.” We discuss her career, her relationship with the "Dallas" cast members, the role of music in her life, and much more.

Jun 27, 2024

My guest starred as Almanzo on the hit television show, “Little House on the Prairie.” We discuss his experiences on the show, his relationship with Melissa Gilbert on the show, his new book, “Prairie Man: My Little House Life & Beyond”, and much more.

Jun 20, 2024

My guest is an actress, perhaps best known for playing Veruca Salt in the classic “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. We discuss her career in show business, her experiences in Willy Wonka, why she became a psychotherapist, and much more.

Jun 13, 2024

My guest is an actor, stuntman, director, and more. We discuss his multifaceted career, his relationship with Warren Beatty, how he would deal with the risks of stunt work, and much more.